• Weighing module
  • Weighing module

    Weighing module

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    Weighing Module
    Weighing module is a new type of sensor application structure. It not only ensures the high precision and long-term stability of the shear beam sensor, but also solves the problem of weighing error caused by improper installation.
    ZJ-700M weighing module
    Weighing modules can be divided into the following two categories:
    FW static load weighing module: mainly applied to the static load weighing occasions with smaller lateral force. The static load weighing module can be conveniently mounted on containers of various shapes.
    CW dynamic load weighing module is mainly applied to mechanical devices such as pipeline, conveyor belt and so on. In addition, the dynamic load weighing module can also be used for the transformation of the mechanical platform scale.
    Technical parameters:
    The weighing module is the most widely used for the brand module, in which the weighing module is composed of sensors, roof, floor, connector and so on. It can easily and quickly transform the tank and other forms of containers into scales.
    Weighing module function: the nickel plating weight module on the surface of stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel solves the weighing error caused by improper installation and the influence on the service life of the sensor, so as to ensure the precision and long-term stability of the sensor. Seal grade: IP68
    Surface treatment: stainless steel: polished, carbon steel: nickel plated on the surface.
    Weighing module GW/GWA explosion-proof grade: Ex ia II C T6; DIP A20
    Weighing module installation:
    The weighing module combines the load transfer device of the weighing sensor and the installation of the connecting plate. Its unique design not only ensures the high precision of the shear beam sensor, but also solves the error caused by the improper installation of the shear beam sensor. It is accurate, safe and reliable, with various installation methods and suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.
    Weighing module installation structure is divided into three structures: fixed, floating and semi floating, allowing the container to produce micro deformation.
    The installation mode of the static load weighing module is:
    Stainless steel is used to effectively resist corrosion of corrosive substances. Three structures, fixed, floating and semi floating, can be used under all kinds of harsh conditions.
    The mode of installation of dynamic load weighing module:
    In the installation mode of four dynamic load weighing modules, two of them are usually limited in three sides, and the other two are only limited in the end.
    Wei Tao is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the application of advanced weighing technology, packaging equipment, transport equipment, dust collector and automatic control system. It has an advanced elite team of scientific research, development, processing, production, sales and technical services. Through the introduction and improvement of advanced technology at home and abroad, we continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation. The core value of the company is "focusing on technology and creating special service". We hope to make reasonable plans through our professional level and unremitting efforts to make every item and every kind of product cut through the actual needs of our customers. It can satisfy customers' requirements and potential expectations, and help customers achieve automation in production, improve efficiency and increase profits.

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