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    How to choose gear rack and pinion

    First, you should find a professional seller like us.We have over 20 factories support our orders.Din5,din6,din7,din8,m1,m1.5,m2,m2.5,m3,m4,m5,m6,m7,m8,cp6,cp8,cp10,dp8,dp10 gear rack both no problem!Changzhou Yangde Trade Co.,Ltd. email: info@youngdl.com,website: https://www.youngdl.com/gear-rack-c-1_32/

    Second, you can provide us drawing or parameters.

    gear rack parameters such as module, width, height, length, material, tempering, high frequency, holes position and size, tooth shape, helical or straight, black, usage, quantity, precision etc.Both related to your final received quotation.

    pinion gear matching with the gear rack, parameters should be same module, notice,if gear rack is right hand direction, pinion gear should be left hand direction. pinion parameters like holes size, keyway size, thickness, module, length, teeth number, shape etc. Also drawing is better.

    Best Export Gear Rack pls contact YOUNGDL.COM

    We welcome your email or phone contacting, contact phone:+86 15161187689

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